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Groundwork is a vital part of training a horse. It is the base on which all future equestrian work builds on, so it is important to set solid foundations to ensure a successful career and emphasise the wellbeing of the horse. Using the techniques I have founded, I am able to set up the building blocks, implementing channels of communication between horse and rider, via body language, to build a partnership.



Backing is the process of introducing the tools needed for future ridden work. Following on from the foundations I have put in place through groundwork, I am able to introduce the saddle, rider and transitions in walk, trot and canter. My emphasis is on encouraging the horse to go forward willingly with lightness and minimal aids. The horse will be ridden by myself first, and during my visits or the horse's stay, I will oversee the transition between myself riding the horse and the horse's owner or jockey.

Foal Starting

At a young age, foals are able to learn like sponges, therefore it is important to implement the basics to act as a stepping stone into their future. While it is best to do the minimum, it is essential the foal is able to be handled, have a halter on, be led, touched all over and feet picked up ready for the farrier. 


Loading is an essential tool the modern horse owner needs, in order to travel the horse to competitions, training, a new yard or even to the vets. Problems arise however, when the horse shows issues towards loading. There can be many different reasons for this, such as the horse has never been in a lorry before, a bad travelling experience, claustrophobia or a rushed approach towards this area. Using parts of my groundwork, I am able to train your horse and you to get past this issue. I offer three options towards loading- half day loading, session loading and emergency loading.


The horse has an instinctual flight mechanism, this means that when frightened the horse will flee from danger first before thinking about what it is running from. Through my groundwork and ridden techniques, I work to provide the tools needed to build a bond between horse and rider, encouraging the horse to think before it reacts and to look forwards instead of turning away from the problem. 


Some horses can become too desensitised by unknowingly subjecting the horse to constant pressure without giving a release as a reward when the horse has done well, such as overusing the leg aids. Using a combination of my groundwork and watching the partnership train, I am able to help the rider become more sensitive to the horse and his reaction, and therefore help to make a more sensitive horse. 

Problem Solving

There are many different issues you may come across as a horse rider, such as bucking, rearing, catching and napping. Through work on the ground and ridden I will be able to help to solve these problems. I do advise all horses presenting these symptoms are checked over by a vet prior to booking, to rule out any clinical issues.

Improving Your Horsemanship 

I offer general lessons in horse training, for fun and for extending your knowledge. I teach any aspect of horsemanship, from join-up to ridden work. 

Demonstrations and Clinics

Depending on what is required, clinics involve a day of group lessons at your yard, my yard or at a competition venue. I can offer many options for your day, for further details please contact me. 

prices start from £35 please contact for more information
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Consultation fee £45
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