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Amy Jude

Robert has done a great job breaking in indie. After being messed around by other trainers at the beginning off the summer. Now we are hacking out, dressage, and having fun. Which last year I did not think was possible. This year he will be breaking in my other youngster. I would recommend Robert to anybody!!

Yvonne Wilson

''After not riding for over 20 years i decided to buy a horse again. unfortunately she was a very nervous and frightened horse. I first saw Rob working horses at a local yard and i really liked the way he handled and worked with the horses, so i decided to see if he could help with my horse. During working with Rob it was just amazing to whitness the changes in her. She went from being a scared nervous horse to a calm and gentle horse. Rob has shown me techniques and the confidence to use them and now riding her out on roads and she has so much confidence''.

Steve Jolley

'' Robert has done a fantastic job with my appaloosa horse. I had limited experience of horses and together with Rob i learnt how to break in and ride my own horse. I still have regular lessons with Robert''.


Fiona MacNeil

Hi, This is Minty a pony I bought 8 yrs ago when I decided at the age of 55yrs my days of riding mad thoroughbreds were behind me.

He was 5yrs old and I liked the look of him but while I was handing my cash over I failed to hear Minty's internal bomb ticking louder and louder!

I got him home and found he was a gold medal rearer - he reared in hand, under saddle and spent more time on 2 legs than 4! Without warning up he would go. After trying to sort the problem and losing my confidence in the process I decided the only way forward was to get my vet to put him down as he was just too dangerous and unrideable. I called the vet and he agreed he would do this but he suggested I might like to try Rob Leese before I take that final step.

Hi  Rob, really pleased with the training you gave me and Charlie... he is standing at the mounting block really well even when I moved it to the middle of the school! I can even leave him there and walk away.. please see video

Veronica Zwetsloot
My Channel

My Channel

Robert Leese Charity ride

Robert & Catrin John Backed 4 unbroken horses up the Brecon Beacons for charity. Robert completed the task of backing and riding all the horses in course of a week using herd mantality. The backing took place up the beacons and no schools were used. 

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